Headphone Drivers – The Ultimate Guide

Headphone Drivers

What is a headphone driver and what does it do? Which headphone driver should you choose and why? Here’s the ultimate guide to headphone drivers.

Headphones Jacks and Plugs Explained

Does the plug on your pair of headphones have three or four conductors, or possibly five? Here’s a handy guide to headphone jacks and plugs.

IEM vs Earbuds – What Is The Difference?

IEMs and earbuds are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two that you should know before buying either.

Active vs Passive Noise Cancelling

Active and passive noise-canceling both sound like some futuristic technologies, but one of them is just masquerading its complexity. Here is a guide.

Bone Conduction vs Air Conduction

If you like owning cool new audio gadgets you must be curious about bone conduction, but in many regards, this is a step backward from air conduction.

Headphone Impedance Explained

Impedance is one of the headphone specs that often goes overlooked, but if you get it wrong you may find your expensive new headphones quite unusable!

Balanced vs Unbalanced Audio Connections

Balanced vs unbalanced cables – even the most expensive audio equipment can sound bad if you’re using the wrong cables!

Headphone Volume – Are Your Headphones Safe or Too Loud?

Loud headphones are the number one cause of NIHL, but the time spent listening to music also plays an important part here. Do you know if your headphone volume is considered safe? Answer: Listening to loud music is one of the main causes of noise-induced hearing loss, so we should all take precautionary measures to

How To Wear Headphones With Glasses

If glasses are making it painful to use headphones check out these tips that will all but eliminate the pain!

How To Pick The Best IEM Earbud Tips

Even the most expensive pair of earbuds can sound bad if you don’t use the right ear tips. They may not come bundled with the buds, so here’s how to pick them.