We created EarbudsZone in order to help other people. We saw a gap in the market and sites that were selling out so we decided to do something about it.

With all the thought there goes into purchasing products, you can easily get confused and wonder which product you should really buy.

Our team consists of dedicated audio experts with full-time tech-related jobs and EarbudsZone is our place to share our knowledge. While only one of us is a self-proclaimed “audiophile”, we’re all still very knowledge in the whole area, with tons of expertise and experience.

EarbudsZone is only about earbuds, headphones, headsets, and speakers. Nothing else and nothing more.

We also write informative and helpful articles related to these subjects so you can get a better understanding of a certain technology or have your question answered by our team of experts.

Our goal is to help you make smarter purchase decisions that make your life more enjoyable.

There is not enough well-researched information out there and the misinformation in the audio field is huge. The majority of our time is spent on researching, reviewing and testing. There are tons of products entering the audio market every month and we strive to test all the anticipated products in order to be as relevant as possible to you. Technology is advancing fast and we will do our best to keep up with the pace.

We do not accept any form of payment with the intent to influence our scores or product recommendations in our buying guides. You can trust that our recommendations and scores are unbiased and honest as we would never put our authority at risk.

If you’re looking for the best earbuds/headphones/headset for a given budget or use case, then look around in our reviews and buying guides! And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then contact us and we’ll try to help you out.

Our Team

James Hudson

Head Editor

With 11+ years (and counting) of experience working in the engineering department of Sony, James is well-experienced in the field. He runs EarbudsZone on the side while still maintaining his full-time job at Sony.

He loves to try out different earbuds and headphones outside and during his workouts and thereby testing them in the real world, giving you a clearer picture than just figures and numbers.

Jeremy Rocco

Researcher and Writer

Jeremy is a well-versed researcher and content writer. Having spent more than 3 years abroad working as a technical engineer for a major manufacturing factory, he has the necessary skill-set to contribute to EarbudsZone. He focuses more on the technical aspects and likes to compare different products to help you make a smarter purchase.

Audrey Blanchard

Researcher and Writer

Audrey is the newest addition to the EarbudsZone team. She has worked for 5 years as a sales assistant in a major consumer electronics store chain and therefore has tons of experience that she will be bringing to EarbudsZone. She still works there while contributing to EarbudsZone now and then.